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It starts with a data strategy

The most successful innovators using information to exploit business opportunity have all started with a Strategy. If you don’t have one, Agile can help you create one. As discussed in our proven approach, all of your information activities and architecture are informed by the strategic drivers.

What is a data strategy?

A data strategy consists of the following core components:

Business Drivers. Business drivers in the form of your business vision, goals, and strategy. The business drivers should take into account both internal and external competitive influences. Where possible, drivers should be quantified to determine your business intelligence priorities.

Information Needs. Informed by the business drivers, information needs are determined and prioritized.  These include: strategic, managerial, and operational information to ensure executive, managerial, and tactical activities at your company are aligned and monitored consistently.

Information Roadmap. Information needs are mapped out on a simple roadmap, demonstrating a series of key initiatives. The roadmap includes periodic checkpoints to ensure your strategy evolves with the changing nature of your business.

Why do I need one?

Information is expensive. If your information initiative or even your daily data operations cannot be aligned to business drivers, your energy and investment may not be warranted.  At Agile, we’re honest, even if it means delaying your project until the proper justification is achieved.

How is it created?

Our packaged templates help us work efficiently with you to quickly define your business drivers in five key steps.

  1. 1.  Understand business drivers

  2. 2.  Identify information needs

  3. 3.  Perform information gap assessment

  4. 4.  Conduct feasibility study

  5. 5.  Create information roadmap

With Agile’s expertise in insurance, we produce a quality result that resonates well with your business ... we understand even the most complicated data requirements such as Actuarial!

Agile Data Strategy services help solve your data and information challenges

  1. Bullet  Negative ROI

  2. Bullet  No support for business goals

  3. Bullet  Increasing maintenance costs

  4. Bullet  Competitive capabilities lag

Let us help you enable your information performance breakthrough! 

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